After a true story......

…. a story written by life - Maddie’s life. Our story with her was unique and I think it is worth to be told.

During the development of the story, I had the support of the author Tanja Riegel. She coached, corrected and motivated me to get the best out of it. I think I managed well.

This is a charity project. The entire profit from the sale of the booklet goes to STECS (Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue). This is an organisation that has been on my heart for years. The volunteers take lovingly care of Scotties in need of a new home for what reasons ever. During my time in Scotland I worked as a volunteer for STECS. STECS member Heather Hamblock and her daughter Barbara translated the story as volunteer work. So the booklet will be available in English as well.

The Romanian artist Valeria Moldovan has agreed to illustrate the booklet for free. I am particularly pleased about it and in my opinion this is one of the highlights of the booklet. 

Iona and Bonnie are happy to present the printed booklet!

Earlier than expected the print is done and the booklet is up to sale. The final product has exceeded my expectations. A beautiful booklet to a beautiful story! More pictures see "gallery"

Maddie's story goes around the world: Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, United States of America.....

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